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Re: Thick forearms

Xu Wenfung wrote:
My sensei said before that his sensei i.e., Shioda Kancho has forearm/wrist that are disproportionately huge for his size. He said that it is probably from his Kendo days. I think it is true, ken suburi will strengten forearm and wrist.
Bryan Bateman wrote:
Tai no henka is excellent for developing the forearms, especially doing it with gorilla uke`s that hold on tight . Bokuto suburi also develops the same muscles well.
From the comments so far, it looks like ken suburi is the reason for many people's 'Popeye' forearms...

Also, it's been some time since I've heard people talk about 'gorilla ukes'. I remember a changing room conversation... "I wasn't feeling too well today, so I was lucky not to have got a 25-year old gorilla as a partner"... I remember turning around to look at the speaker, and he looked every inch a gorilla himeself

Funnily enough, this thread has made me examine my wrists more carefully, and realized I've got hair cuffs too! I don't have hairy arms, but long hair growing around my wrists - about the same area as that taken up by a katatedori grip... now if only I could get 'em forearms
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