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Re: Aikido in 70 Words or Less

AIKIDO: A modern Japanese martial art that borrows from older arts like jujitsu and judo. The tradition seeks to find harmony and non-lethal* resolutions even/especially in self defense stituations. Each participant finds thier own favorite part of aikido whether its physical activity, meditiation, balance, coordination or philosophy. Aikido is effective for many different body types and ages, so, come join us and find your own favorite reasons to practice.

I guess this is how I describe the art to my friends and family when I get questioned. Plus the ol' advertising bait at the end.

Good luck with your recruiting!


PS) I put a (*) next to 'non-lethal' because I couldn't decide between peaceful {too frou-frou/frilly}, balanced or non-agressive {don't speak to the martial 'you-have-to-learn-to-fall/punch' aspect} but non-lethal is a little over the top to me too.... you'll have to fill in that particular blank
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