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Re: Thick forearms

Sorry to say, I've seen the hair cuffs on women too. And on men who are otherwise hairless...

As to the big forearms... a true story -- a high ranking guy I know, his forearms are so big he has to get specialty suits and shirts made so he can fit them in the cuffs.

You only get big forearms by using your fingers and wrists so nage with a gorilla uke is not going to make them bigger. Trying to resist that gorilla while he's nage, that'll make them bigger. But in my experience, the guys with the biggest forearms do a lot of sword work or do specific exercises to strengthen their grip. But it's interesting that there are some equally high ranked folk who do as much sword work as the next guy and don't have the Popeye arms. I wonder if it's more about how they train.

Anyone know if O Sensei was purported to have big forearms?
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