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Re: Beginners Retention Rates

Michael O'Brien wrote:
My difference in view in looking at this with yours was I wasn't looking at it as "attracting" new students per say. Once the student has come through the door and signed up for the beginners 2 month introduction class, etc they have shown some interest in training for whatever reason.
That (Alec's comments inclusive) being said, what about the role of who you are attracting in your retention rates? This is not a trivial question.

Clearly, you want to promote your dojo. There are many ways to do this, starting with the sign you put out front. You certainly don't want to intentionally attract people who clearly will not be happy in your dojo. This isn't about modifying your school to attract the right people, it's about presenting it to give the correct impression.

For example: If Ledyard Sensei were to present his dojo to the public as a place where you can easily pick up a few tricks that will devestate all attackers in under a month, he'd likely have all the wrong people signing up. This is a ridiculous example (I hope!), but it illustrates the point, I think.

Your dojo is what it is. The first step in student retention, I think, is signing up the people who will be happy there. It seems to me like part of this is being aware yourself what kind of environment you are creating.

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