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Re: Beginners Retention Rates

Alec Corper wrote:
My response was based upon the danger of trying to "attract" students which can lead to commercializing, diluting and reducing Aikido to make it palatable, instead of staying focussed upon doing and teaching our best Aikido.
Thanks for that clarification post; It showed the point of you were expressing much clearer (well for me anyway) and I really enjoyed your analogy. Working with computers/networks all day we really wish we could get a log of users to RTFM.

My difference in view in looking at this with yours was I wasn't looking at it as "attracting" new students per say. Once the student has come through the door and signed up for the beginners 2 month introduction class, etc they have shown some interest in training for whatever reason.

After the initial 2-3 months that they have trained why are they leave then? Why are you not retaining them as ongoing students? That was how I viewed it.

I agree wholeheartedly that diluting or commercialing Aikido similar to what has happened with other arts (TKD in particular) is a terrible idea and shudder at the thought of that ever happening.

I'd have to move so I could train with Ledyard Sensei then.

I also really enjoyed your two posts by the way. Very insightful.

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