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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

I don't think aikido is searching for it's identity as much as some aikidoka are searching for their's. I believe this is a normal course of progression in aikido and a big part of the process, without it, how do you grow?

I spend about 90% of my time these days focusing on BJJ and Army Combatives because of my job, I will tell you the more time I spend studying this stuff, the more I find myself referring to the basic principles in aikido. that is, slow down, good technique, concentrate on your center, use your hips, good posture.

I was looking at my above post (#81) that I wrote almost a year ago, that same wrestler a year ago...I just got back from working with him. He has become better, but right now we are spending our time doing what I just said, telling him to slow down, etc....

He says it feels weird not using his speed and strength, but that he is starting to get the whole thing. Entering that void can be very, very scary. It takes a special person willing to let go and trust the instructor and to deal with the feeling of the void!

He says he can now see things happening, they aren't as fast, and he is gaining dominance much quicker, and can anticipate what is going to happen next much better!

Have a good day!
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