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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

FWIW when I started judo in mid 1970's as a skinny asthmatic child of 13 :P

my instructors felt that they would train us 'the old way'. This meant that they eschewed competition style training, and the 'new' scoring system allowing 1/4 and 1/2 points. This meant that the russle-tussle type training simply wasn't done. We focused on making full point or half point throws. (For you Ju Jitsu people, god bless you, and, in my opinion 'full point' equals "kill" - change a judo throw just a little, at that level of control, and uke gets carried off and buried).

Aikido seems to be searching for its identity now that our charismatic Founder has passed. I think perhaps Judo, at least how it is usually done in the U.S., made a mistake focusing on competition, and not on the teachings of their charismatic founder - Dr. Jigoro Kano.

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