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Alec Corper
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Re: Beginners Retention Rates

Alec Corper wrote:
"Why am I not teaching Aikido in a way that will attract and hold people without the interference of my personal wishes?"

Could I ask for more explanation - I'm afraid I'm not following (my fault, I'm sure).

David, you are unfailingly polite, it's a pleasant exception to general internet etiquette.
I used to be a business consultant and "reframing" questions is a vital part of "new" thinking. For example, if a product is not selling we can spend a lot on advertising, marketing and sales training if we refuse to consider that the product does not appeal to the customer. If we are convinced that the customer is stupid we get the RTFM syndrome (read the F****** manual). It is my personal wish to believe that the product is perfect, that the customer is stupid, that the sales guys are dumb, anything except that my product is no good. "Invent a better mouse trap and the people will come!" Yes, but only people who want a mouse trap.

My response was based upon the danger of trying to "attract" students which can lead to commercializing, diluting and reducing Aikido to make it palatable, instead of staying focussed upon doing and teaching our best Aikido. This to me means that personal progress of the instructor in all areas, not just technically, will bring and hold the "right" people without our personal wish to reach them. If Aikido is actually the process of integrating body and spirit then our behaviors are the orchestrated best results of our current development. Adding tricks just makes us trickier in the long term.

I don't know if this makes it clearer, but I hope so

regards, Alec

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