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I liked your story about the Ki balls.
In my view that could still be classed as a no touch throw. The instructor spun the story about the Ki balls and used his presense as an instructor to convince the uke that he should fall down.
had I stood up and done the same thing the Uke would have just stood there, but it took alot of training and building up of a reputation to convince the uke that he had little choice but to fall down.
good technique, worked on for the course of many years

but anyway....

as for no touch throws, I have never pulled one off myself, but I have experienced it before. it was amazing. I have to agree with Thalib that it was more like being mezmirised.
My attack was real, and I think the thing that threw me was my own belief that I was actually going to make contact so my energy kept going and tried to follow him. then he just took it away completely and I flew
it was so much fun, and amazing to see someone move like that

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