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Re: Poll: How inspired do you feel these days in your aikido training?

Is it alright to be uninspired ? Darn right it is. I've been working hard for a period of time till I tested about three weeks ago. Now that it's over it's OK to rest, to recover and be uninspired. Is it OK to be uninspired at other times; yes it s OK, it's real. Even with a passion there can be times of plateau, if not regression before one goes to a building phases again.
Life follows those ups and downs and realizing and accepting them as part of the process allows one to continue for the long term.
Following testing, or during a long period of training (in sport training planning when one takes a break during a long training cycle, even if it might not be needed physically, it's called a prophylactic break), or when the motivation might lag, is the perfect time for doing things that you have put off while in the flings of the rapture. "Separation makes the heart grow fonder."
Some days it might be like 9 to 5 until you make that breakthrough again, which doesn't mean you don't go to practice, but rather accept that what you do on a certain day is contributing to the total sum of your experience/art.
Do I feel inspired today! Darn right it's a beautiful sunny day. My kids are on spring break, the dog needs a run and I'm off to the mountains for a couple of days and won't get on the mat for at least five days.
As my old swim coach once told me " A change is as good as a rest, now lets do back stroke to recover from the freestyle."
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