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Re: Poll: How inspired do you feel these days in your aikido training?

Junior said
I was "extremely inspired" during my very first class when a twelve year old girl tossed my on my butt like it wasn't no thang!
Whew! I got to tell you bubba - what a relief it is hearin somebody what can talk proper! I hear all kinda axcents on this web thingy, and not a whole lotta gitterdone. I feel like I can espresso mahself in a proper way when i talk to you.

I still don't get "tank on". - sounds like a fishin thang.

"Yoko men hoochee" - not even gonna try.

"muni ski koragash" - can't figger if it's junk bonds or junk food.

But I certainly am aspired to continyew my trainin. Later man. "Double oregano getsmushytooya".

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