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Re: Beginners Retention Rates

James Kelly wrote:
But what did come out of that was a similar policy where for every kyu grade, a junior has to find a senior student (at least 3 ranks higher) to sponsor them for the test.
I quite like this idea. I'm not sure how I'll implement it in my school, but I'm going to find a way. It would solve several problems I've had, retention being only one of them.

As to why students stay or go, I have this observation:

When I desparately tried to get people to stay, I lost all my students. When I was always trying to get new people in, they stay a month or two and then leave. For various reasons, I don't much care if they stay or go now. They mostly stay.

I think, maybe, the first step is attracting people who are teachable. That doesn't mean people who are ready for the full commitment and just walk in and Do As They're Told. It means people who you, as a teacher, can reach and teach them the principles they need.

As to how you actually do that...

...workin' on it...

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