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Justin Anthony Hamilton
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Getting stains out of a judo gi

I recently started doing Aikido, and was very pleased to recieve the new gi that I ordered only a few weeks after starting. I start going through the whole process of shriking it and after pulling it out of the wash, I see a small collection of black/brown grease stains peppered in various places.

Great, the time my washing machine decides to break on me is when I get a perfectly new, pristine, white gi.

I've soaked the gi in vinegar and cold water for sometime now, and I have also applied a grease stain remover. This has worked to some degree, as the spots are no longer black or brown, but unfortunately it has left a greasy looking slightly yellow stain behind.

Granted, it is hard to see, and most of the stains happen to be either in the coat on on the back of the pants or right near the feet or some other area like that, but I still would like to get it as clean as possible.

So are there any really effective ways for removing stains of these sorts? I suppose they aren't too common, which is probably why I wasn't able to find much info on it. Just wondering if someone has had a similar experience, or knows a whole lot about cleaning.

Thank you,
Justin Hamilton
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