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Amir Krause
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Re: Getting to your dojo in a DMZ

I had a problem to reach my dojo a few times in the past, there were a couple of terrorist bombers who blew themselves up not so far away and the whole area was blocked. I would still not consider Tel Aviv to be a DMZ (I live here).

Lately the situation has calmed some, I hope this will remain. And if the wall is the reason then though it causes significant discomfort, I could not compare that with the lives saved ( I could go on about my disagreement with more then one decision with regard to the wall construction and placement, but who here agrees with all the actions of his government? ). I hope the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli conflict be resolved in peacefully manner. And personally, I do not hate anyone because of his ethnic origins (I do hate some groups of people because of their Fanaticism, Jews and Arabs both).


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