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Re: Article: An Aikido Journey: Part 1 by Peter Goldsbury

Erik Vanem wrote:
Thank you for your reply Peter.

You are right, I have never heard about him, but I have met and practiced with Inaba shihan at Shiseikan, so it is interesting to learn about his background still.
I am looking forward to subsequent parts of your aikido journey if there are still more to come.

Best regards,

Hello Erik,

I plan to write ten installments in all, including some extensive discussion of the pros and cons of living and training in Japan.

After which I will write about 'issues', much in the way that George Ledyard does in his columns. Actually, I agree with George on so many issues that it will perhaps be difficult to avoid repeating what he has written. But we will see.

I am afraid that other commitments will prevent an installment for March, but I hope to resume in April.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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