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Re: Article: An Aikido Journey: Part 1 by Peter Goldsbury

Erik Vanem wrote:
Dear Peter,

Thank you for an interesting series of articles. I have one question to the first part regarding your teacher at the university. Is there a particular reason you did not mention his name or could you tell us who he is? Is he still teaching aikido somewhere? I found it a little peculiar that you never mention his name since you are naming most other teachers (Yamada sensei, Chiba sensei, Kanai sensei, Kanetsuka sensei etc.). I would be interested to know more about him if you'd care to tell us.

Best regards

Hello Erik,

Thank you for your mail.

There was no particular reason for not mentioning his name. He was never an established shihan, like the others. He had been a member of the Tokyo University Aikido Club. His name is Norio Tao and he trained/trains at the Shiseikan with Minoru Inaba Shihan. I suspect that few in this discussion forum will have heard of him..

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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