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Re: Getting to your dojo in a DMZ

Th emost glamorous effort I think put thorugh to train in a DMZ is not that of Aikiodoka that live in a DMZ (not to demise their situation or unnderestimate it, but lets face it they have no choice this is where they live) but rather those people that go out of their way to go into a Militarized zone to extend a helping hand to people they never met ... Aikido seems to them the best excuse...
There are no ill feeling in Aikido training everyone is there for the same reason... to Enjoy a little bit of descency in dealing with other humans (regardless of wht sort of Person they are in reality).

This false pretence that gathers Aikidokas in a Dojo is a code that that encrypts the basis needs for humans to get along and face problems with a win win attitude..

Everything is just so different in a dojo ..

I would like to remind myself from time to time that Aikido managed to bring me and my enemies on a mutual ground other thatn Conflict and blatant hatered...
I am an Arab, a Jordanian , A PLASTINIAN... and i hate Israelis but I cannot deny that I have Israeli friends that Visited me and I visited them (Boy was that an emotional Cross to bear)... and still from time to time communicate...

Still when reality strikes in I have to admit that I am not strong enough to carry on this beautiful basic understading on anything other than an Individual level..

Thank you Aikido, Thank you Many others that made this possible (They know whom they are), and thank you mick

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