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Originally posted by Arianah
... I find it very difficult not to tell the person who is nage, and who continually gets confused about how to step, how to do so. What is the etiquette surrounding this? Anyone know? I know that in a perfect world, the sensei is supposed to come around and correct everything that is going wrong, but if s/he is busy on the other side of the room, is it all right to correct or should one leave their partner to do the technique incorrectly?
It should be relatively easy for you to kind of, not resist, but stay "solid" when the beginning nage jerks in the wrong direction, and if/when they cant figure it out, you, as a uke, should slowly and methodically go through proper ukemi movement which also familiarizes nage with what they are supposed to do.

This way you don't have to say anything.
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