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Re: Aikido in 70 Words or Less

Lan Powers wrote:
It's kind of like Judo."
I mean, yeah, you're right, but if I don't expect them to know much about Aikido, why should I expect them to know about Judo? Also, I think Aikido attracts a distinctly different audience than judo, for a good reason.
Brad Medling wrote:
Aikido: The path/way of harmonizing energy
I agree, simple is better, but I don't think that "definition" = "description" Not to mention, that translation of the work "Aikido" comes with a lot of ambiguity, and inaccuracy.
Jean de Rochefort wrote:
"Practice responses to twenty of the most common attacks, sign up for this course."
"Want to know ten of the basic techniques you'll find in every MA? Sign up for this course."
Jean, I think that's a pretty good approach, but I also think that people (especially college-aged kids) aren't always looking for just how to defend themselves, but also at the life improvement aspect as well.

Good responses, but keep trying...

Tom Newhall
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