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Mike Sigman
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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

Brion Toss wrote:
In the context of the current question, the elusive, difficult-to-transmit-let-alone-really-get kokyu and ki are kept from many people by what they already know, or think they know; they aren't in the places that ki and kokyu are known to frequent, and their conditioning prevents them from going there. In the current context, this is particularly true with males, especially young males, and it can be very frustrating to get them even to consider the notion that a technique might depend on something besides biceps.
So how does a teacher get past the surface tension of the student's ignorance?....(snip)..
Well, I think your reasoning is fine until you get to the implication that it's "males, especially young males", you sexist rogue, you. It's also "senior students" and "teachers" who have their cups full that are the problem, Brion.

And it's not just in Aikido, it's in many other martial arts. How many self-styled teachers are actively seeking this kind of information? I know some, but proportionately it's darned few. Then again... the traditional view is that there are always only a small percentage of people *actively* trying to improve their art and the rest are pretty much satisfied with the status and income and social network that they're part of. Quelle surprise.


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