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Hello, I would like to know what names you use for you techniques, it would be interesting to have more names for waza, like there isn't enough already
A nice example is Ikkyo, AKA Ikkajo, AKA Oshi Taoshi, AKA Robuse Taoshi and AKA Ude Osae.

In response to your post I would recommend books rather than the web. First look at Osensei's Budo and Budo Renshu, and then move up along the time line, so to speak. Look at Saito Sensei's works and then Aikido by Kisshomaru Ueshiba. The syllabus of the Tomiki and Yoshinkan schools have been very constant (through time that is) so they will let you see Aikido in the late 20's early 30's and then the 40's quite well so book like Shioda Sensei's Total Aikido might also be helpful. This should give you an insight to the 'evolution' of Aikido waza
But personally I don't think any one should really think too much about the so-called changes to waza over time.

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