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Originally posted by L. Camejo
This website is actually my only source of Aikido information from actual Aikidoka, other than my Sensei who lives in London now. I hope to visit the UK next year to do some training. You never know, I may be in your area.
Hi Larry,

Have you heard of the Tomiki-L mailing list? There is a fair bit there that may interest you. I just recently discovered that all the posts are archived at:

If you're going to be in the UK, I'll make sure I get to train with you. London isn't far for me to travel once in a while, or if you're thinking of heading a little further north, you'll be very welcome in Sheffield.

The annual Shodokan course in Skenfrith (just over the border between England and Wales, at the home dojo of Bob Forrest-Webb) might be a good time for you to be here. Its held over a long weekend towards the end of May, there's excellent instruction and its always lots of fun.

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