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Thanks a lot for the help guys,

Peter: Informative and wise as usual .

Sean: I see that you understand my position. Being the instructor at the only (I think) Shodokan Aikido Dojo in the Caribbean is not easy, you feel as if the Aikido world is passing you by sometimes . I am in a constant search for Shodokan information wherever I can find it. This website is actually my only source of Aikido information from actual Aikidoka, other than my Sensei who lives in London now. I hope to visit the UK next year to do some training. You never know, I may be in your area.

Abasan, Dgood: Thanks a lot for the info. I'll check out the books and tapes by Dr. Loi. I just bought Total Aikido by Shioda on Amazon, just started to read it.

As far as learning from books and videos I agree with you totally. However, I think as long as one is infused with a sound grounding in the basic principles of the art, one will be able to identify mistakes and distill what they have read and seen through the insight of what they have been taught by an official instructor. This has been my particular way of evolving my Aikido practice, given my geographical situation. Over the past 7 years I've become pretty good at extracting sense from nonsense, especially regarding Aikido. Thanks very much for your help with the books and videos.

To all: Domo Arigato Gozaimashita

If anyone else has more info please keep it coming.


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