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Amir Krause
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Re: Poll: Is your current aikido instructor the best aikido practitioner with whom you have ever trained?

My aikido instructor the best aikido instructor I have met so far, at least, the best for me.

I have practiced with better practitioners - When I visited Japan, I had the pleasure of direct practice with some of our Shihans, who are higher graded then my sensei, and some of which were better then him and even much better, but only in specific areas of expertise:
* The level of one of them in weapons work is multiple levels above my Sensei. Then again, this Shihan had learnt Koryu weapons as his first step in M.A. and only joined Korindo Aikido afterwards. His knowledge in weapons has actually increased the system curriculum.
* The Koshi-Mawashi (body movement?) of another Shihan was several levels above my Sensei. But I was aware of some other aspects of his that were not as good as my own Sensei. Then again, it had to do with his own aims in Aikido (I asked him about it).

I should mention that my own sensei has a very wide base in M.A. in general, even compared to those Shihan - his rank is about 5-6th Dan in Korindo Aikido, Judo and Karate (may be 7th in some, he stopped telling us of his grading a few years ago). So the difference is in nuances.

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