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Re: Re: Re: Koryu no kata info

Originally posted by PeterR
Nage no Kata are only the first 14 of the Koryu Dai Yon - there are another 11 after those which are not considered part of the Dai Yon.
I'm a little confused.
Do you mean that the last 11 are not considered part of Nage no Kata.
(ie: Nage no Kata + Ouyowaza = Koryu Dai Yon) ?

The whole range of kata series are there for those who want to learn them - you can always find someone to help you with them.
Very true, but for some of us that help is on our doorstep, while for others its an ocean away. Its much easier for me to find help with learning a technique than it would be if I were, for example, the most experienced aikidoka currently residing on a small(ish) Caribbean island!

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