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Re: weapon training for lower ranks

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
And do you know any black belt who can really defence himself against a guy with a real sword?
Yes. but the question is a bit vague, and may I add a bit pointless.

Is the guy with a real sword:-

1/ Trained as a swordsman, or just a guy that happens to have picked one up?
2/ is it in a training environment or does the the guy actually intend to commit serious harm?

There are many thousands of aikido blackbelts around the world, some/many would I'm sure completely chicken out if faced with a real sword in a non training off the mat situation. And I am sure there are some, who would quietly go about the business of disarming the sword wielder.

We cannot train for 'real' with live weapons, by that I don't mean we can't train with live weapons, just that the intent to kill is not a training option, so we never actually know what this is like until we come face to face with someone intent on killing. The chances are a non trained swordsman would choose a different weapon, probably a gun, a trained swordsman would probably have enough self control to not want to kill in the first place.

Just a few thoughts FWIW.

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