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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Michael Douglas wrote:
Well, while achieving no-touch Aikido throws requires BOTH uke and nage to have trained in normal touchy-throws, the 'extension' is an extension of belief.
I was going to suggest it is sometimes an extension of belief. But then thought maybe it *is* always an extension of belief.
If that is accepted, then no-touch throws are valid in the uke-nage
dojo context, but still totally invalid as martial application.
???? Sorry, I was doing fine with what you were saying, until that last bit in bold. Are you saying invalid if ... let's say, someone was training to always pull off a particular technique without ever touching? Or are you saying if someone had a legitimate way of making another fall without contact (on a consistant basis) -- that would be invalid?

Good God! I'm going to get hit! Must avoid! SPLATTT!
Must grab arm ... Must grab arm! Why can't I grab it? Why can't I grab ... oh, there it is. WHAMMM!

Or are you referring to suspending dis-belief?
Okay, I'll duck and fall down ... but I'm not convinced.

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