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Re: Re: Koryu no kata info

Well actually Sean - it was as good a reply as any.

A couple of additional points along with one correction.

Nage no Kata are only the first 14 of the Koryu Dai Yon - there are another 11 after those which are not considered part of the Dai Yon.

I have heard through a convoluted path (ie. don't take as gospel) that the Dai-Ichi and Dai-Ni were first attempts and the Dai-San the culmination. Dai-go and Dai-rokku were designed for those that don't (can not practice randori). Dai-yon teaches fluidity of movement. I never really asked Nariyama or any of the old guys whether this is true of not. On occaision each of these kata sets are taught at Honbu but generally as Sean points out the material is covered elsewhere.

Remember each of the kihon randori no kata has a series of variations based on altered attacks, there are also a number of techniques taught as part of the kyu grade syllabus, oya (advanced/application) no kata, and a whole slew of individual techniques.

The whole range of kata series are there for those who want to learn them - you can always find someone to help you with them.

Originally posted by deepsoup

Hi Larry,

As you know the Koryu Dai San is actually the same kata as the Goshin no Kata, did you also know that the Koryu Dai Yon is another name for the Nage no Kata?

I'm told that the 'other' Koryu katas (1,2,5 and 6) are very rarely, if ever, taught at honbu dojo these days, but that all of the principles in these katas are covered elsewhere in the Shodokan syllabus.
(Hopefully Peter will be along soon to post a better informed reply than mine. )

The techniques of all the Koryu katas are listed in order on the JAA-USA website but without already being familiar with the katas I dont think thats really any help.

Probably the foremost authority on the Koryu's in the UK is Dr Ah Loi Lee, who has a couple of books and a couple of video's published covering the subject. I cant comment on them, though, I'm afraid, never having read/watched them.

As far as I know, the Koryu katas are also practiced in the USA by the Fugakukai and the Jiyushinkai, so maybe there is a book or a video available from those guys.

Best of luck.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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