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Michael Douglas
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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

I'll give my alf-pennyworth on this ;
"Say, Mike, do you have any thoughts on what effect lactic acid build-up might have on utilizing kokyu/jin?"
(Yes, this Mike isn't that Mike)
In my tiny experience of non-muscling techniques, I'd say the effect of lactic-acid buildup
are absolutely awful for me, more affecting than on muscling techniques. My reason is
that it affects the SPEED of muscle movement/twitch way more than the force. And
since my primary use of non-muscling things is to generate relaxed speed, the lactic
just cripples those things.
using non-muscling stuff really drastically extends the time of exertion before lactic
acid builds up. Drastically.

So, I don't see it as a big problem for the extended time-span reason.
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