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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
When I'm real tired, I really can't muscle techniques. However, there's a caveat to that.

I wouldn't recommend that sort of training for techniques that haven't been seen before. Seems I more give up out of indifference when it's a new technique, but if I know the technique and have a measure of reflex built in already, it's sort of like being on auto-pilot and just tweaking the movement a little to get it to work.

Is that on subject? LOL. I kind of think it isn't still.
Actually, the above speaks to what Mike is talking about.

There's an idea: muscling an aikido technique is bad.

Ergo, training when exhausted will prevent muscling up, and will "teach" proper movement/technique.

It would seem that most (on this forum and others that Mike has posted the question to) think that being physically tired can help if you already know how to move correctly. But if you don't, then being tired will probably just lead to bad habits.

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