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Adam Alexander
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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hi Jean:

Well, the question was more along the lines of how training to exhaustion would make your *movements* more efficient, particularly in terms of "moving from you center". You've listed "drive, toughness and stillness" and "receptive to understanding the technique" as benefits... and while I'd would take your word for it, those are subjective valuations and not the same thing as the movement that was being discussed.


Mike Sigman
Ahhh. Yeah, you've got to be patient with me.

I'd say that for balance, because my legs are spongy, I'm much more conscious of my balance. You'd think that balance was poorer because of lack of energy, but I've found (atleast I think I've found) that I'm much more sensitive because of it.

I think my movements are lighter also.

When I'm real tired, I really can't muscle techniques. However, there's a caveat to that.

I wouldn't recommend that sort of training for techniques that haven't been seen before. Seems I more give up out of indifference when it's a new technique, but if I know the technique and have a measure of reflex built in already, it's sort of like being on auto-pilot and just tweaking the movement a little to get it to work.

Is that on subject? LOL. I kind of think it isn't still.
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