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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, exhaustion only makes me sloppy and dangerous to myself and everyone I work out with. There are more productive and constructive ways to move correctly.

Just because its old doesn't mean its accurate. If that were the case I would be right more often.

I do believe it trains some sense of mental and physical toughness. The old "when you don't have anything left, show me what you got" idea.
I completely agree with Lynn's post.

Sometimes new ways are found to achieve the same ends that were always done in a certain way. If they weren't there would be no progress.
Yesterday I attended a course given by one our chief instructors, and we spent the whole course working on one shihonage exercise. The exercise broken down into its component movements, and each one examined before moving onto the next. At each stage the correct posture, movement and mental aspect was practiced before moving onto the next. By the end when the whole exercise was practiced you could be in no doubt that 'muscling through' was not part of the last 4 hours of study.
So no exhaustion, only a very clear picture / experience of correct movement.

I also agree that there is a place for getting exhausted, but I don't think it is very beneficial as a learning / teaching tool.


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