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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
How many people believe the old adage that if you just work yourself to exhaustion, you will begin to "quit using muscle and begin to 'move correctly'"? Thanks for any commentary. Mike Sigman
During our jiyu waza training, especially when my sensei is having his evil streak... he will let us do continuous jiyu waza, i.e., shite/tori remain the same, but we keep changing the uke. Sometimes up to four uke against one shite.

In my own experience, when I am at my most exhausted, I can myself the clearest. My movement naturally becomes more economical, and I subconsciously use simple technique, mainly of the atemi-waza type.

I also tend to move smarter, e.g., holding a uke in ushiro-nage but not throwing him, to create a barrier from the remaining ukes. Or sometimes, throwing uke in the direction of incoming uke, to distort and disorientate their attack rhythm. I tend to use more muscular power when I am still fresh, I somehow need to be exhausted before I start to play smart.

I guess in this sense, I will answer yes, I quit using muscle and began to move more correctly, when I am exhausted.

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