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Adam Alexander
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Re: A nice way to spend $25.

Lynn Seiser wrote:
Wow, thank you so much for your very kind words.
We hope people will find it affordable and useful.
Actually, I wish I could totally edit the original post and title. I had only skimmed the book and read in detail in a few places...from that perspective, $25 was nothing for the work.

However, I spent a couple hours reading it last night. It's an absolute MUST-HAVE. "Aikido Basics" gave me some new perspectives on my training which really helped me advance. With that advancement, a lot of things developed: New perspectives on techniques and a lot of new feelings related to Aikido.

Reconciling those thoughts and feelings have been difficult--maybe because there's not a lot of people who "get it"--because I really don't know too many people to talk to about that stuff. So, when I started to really read "Advanced Aikido," I was really blown away by the insight that I've never found in a book.

Thank you very much. I haven't gotten to the techniques part of the book yet, but what I've gotten so far is absolutely priceless.
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