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Re: final lock doesn't work

Bloody hell my head hurts, that's a hell of a lot to try and take in on a Sunday morning There's some interesting thoughts back there but I confess to getting lost way back (T=what and all that). I don't count myself as a studious man so trying to absorb all that isn't going to work for me, probably I'm missing out somewhere. But I thought Aikido was lot more simple than that, by which I don't mean easy, just that if you really do just accept whats coming at you and work with it instead of against it, Aiki (joining/ blending/ harmonizing with ki) takes uke's centre and joins it with my centre, making one, and since I am the centre of my universe........

If I start thinking about that more I'm not sure it stacks up, but my head hurts too much and I'm already thinking about yesterdays football game. Instead I think I'll go down the dojo tomorrow night and have another play at getting things right, work on things that don't go right, and probably not giving any thought to scientific formulae. I'm not trying to p!ss on thoughts and posts above, they are all food for thought and probably very valid, but I can't help thinking that they're maybe overcomplicating things.......

Maybe I need a new sensei, maybe my students need a new sensei? Not sure I do yet, I've still got plenty to learn and he still inspires me greatly, so little time left to play. As for my students, I'll let them decide, I'll close the doors when they stop coming.

Bryan whose head is now bursting but final lock seems to work if I do it right

A difficult problem is easily solved by asking yourself the question, "Just how would the Lone Ranger handle this?"
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