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Do symbol Koryu no kata info

Hi all,

This one is for the Shodokan guys out there and anyone else who may be in the know.

Does anyone know where I can get detailed internet links, videos or even personal information regarding the particular techniques, attacks and the order of techniques for any of the Koryu no Katas?

I already have an idea of the Koryu Dai San, from my experience with the Koryu Go shin no Kata, but I was curious about the others.

I've never seen these katas demonstrated and was wondering what they entailed, since some of the techniques in the katas are not what I usually use in daily Shodokan practice.

Anyone with info? This is really important for me to understand and practice the entire spectrum of our style of Aikido, at least until I can make a trip to Britain or Japan and see for myself

Hope someone can help.

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita

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