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Re: final lock doesn't work

Michael Douglas wrote:
I'd like to ask you to rephrase the question. As it stands it doesn't make sense, so I can't choose.
Mr. Douglas,

Okay one time I am writing nonsense, and the next I am not making sense… Perhaps it is me…

The question was a simple one. Simply, do you believe yourself to be more apt to practice what you know, what feels right in other words your better techniques or do you seek out the unknown, feeling uncomfortable and tend to practice your weakest techniques - even though it makes your uke think, "gee this guy really doesn't know what he is doing..."?
Michael Douglas wrote:
Well, this sounds like metaphysical cosmological and metaphorical nonesense.
The question really stems from these earlier comments made in response to a section of one of my previous posts. You seem to basically say that since you don't understand what you read, you'll simply choose to criticize it so that you can continue to ignore it. This is done rather than embracing the possibility that there may be 10 times the distance or the width or the depth to the path you are on and say that you are committed to. With regards to my question, I am equating the first with choosing the safe, the familiar, practicing the techniques you are good at. I am equating the second with seeking out the unknown, the uncomfortable and standing for long periods of time in the question rather than the answer.

Perhaps you believed that your comments were going to be seen as insightful and poignant, but in stark contrast to making a statement about me, or what was said, I believe you made more of a statement about you and how you think. I asked my question simply to give you the opportunity to make a clear statement. I thought you might want to avoid appearing nonsensical for criticizing what you deem nonsense without seeming to have made any real effort towards critical analysis of the material you chose to write off with a simple, glib comment.


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