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Re: final lock doesn't work

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Well Jean, how would the average Joe know if what they were doing was correct, even if they trained conscientiously? I would say that Darren is a conscientious student, otherwise he would not have asked the question. And if he thought it was correct, he wouldn't be asking. Granted there might be some "stealing" of technique involved, but this is really basic stuff that his instructor should have covered, prior to experimentation - for training safety reasons.

To each their own, perhaps. But I wish people would get over this "s3cr3t d34dly knowledge" rubbish. Aikido is no more and no less devastating than any other martial art. This stuff is easily explained and based on physical laws and anatomical structures. That we choose not to apply these techniques brutally in training is merely in "the way".
Relax sweetheart, no-one's p*ss*ng in your Wheaties.

In the style that I train, I've rarely to never been told too much about details...even the "stealing the technique" part. What I described is simply what I've read that I've found to be consistent with my experience.

If he's in a style that doesn't talk too much about that stuff, then what I'm saying is appropriate...Forget to take you Midol?

Further, the "s3cr3t d34dly knowledge" is how I've experienced Aikido...and I like that stuff. If you don't, get over it. That's how it is.

Agreed, this stuff is easily explained and based on the same laws. However, I've heard many things that were way too advanced for me and never meant a thing for years. In those cases, I spun my wheels trying to figure out things that were way too advanced when I could of been being productive working on things at my level.

This may be a case where basic stuff is more productive than anatomical info...which is what I get from the original post.
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