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Smile breakfalls -- thanks for imput!

Thank you for all the imput!

It is a relief to hear that NOT doing breakfalls is an acceptable (although not desirable) aikido practice.

I have been practicing, but anything approaching a dive roll into a breakfall still feels "wrong" with the surgery on my back (kind of a a bad pressure-tingly thing.) The doctors I have talked to always say the same thing: if it hurts, don't do it.... (DOH!)

As a friend, and fellow aikidoka put it: would you rather feel a coward and NOT do breakfalls, or watch other people do aikido from a wheelchair? GOOD POINT (and one I had not really considered -- I've been trying for 11 years to not let the surgery limit my "life"!)

My Sensei is aware of the surgery but I often don't have "time" to remind him, especially mid-air into a throw! (not the best time to remind him anyway....)

I'll keep on relaxing into them (worked when my truck rolled over on a slick road last winter!) and getting the basic form correct without tensing (hehehehe!) Tape MIGHT not be a bad idea to remind people if we have a Koshi night (let me down gently, please.) I hear they have day-glow colors available in the duct-tape selection now! (If that doesn't do it.... )

Again, thanks for all the imput, it has been invaluable!


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