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Re: Sensei role!

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
I think if we need to trust our sensei, especially in the beginning, to provide us with the proper foundation of aikido. To that extent we should be following what our sensei is teaching us, but once we develop our foundation and basics of aikido then we can start exploring and developing our own aikido.
That is true for a beginner giriasis.

I do practice 4x a week for a period of 5 years, I tried to practice to every visiting shihan (I regret I missed the seminar of yamada shihan)in the country whether from aikikai or from different organization. I love to practice and to learn different variations from them. I've learned a lot from them but I do not claim I know everything about techniques but at least I am aware what is the best variation I can rely on. I'm just a student eager to learn more about this art.

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