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Re: Sensei role!

Thank you for all the inputs.

When I said different style, I mean it, we can deny it, but a fact is a fact and we cannot escape from it. About 3 years ago a shihan from Europe emailed me about "different sensei different style" mode in aikido, he replied something like "every sensei put their personality on what they do that's why different styles occur". I must agree with this but something still puzzles me on should a sensei style/technique needs to insist to his/her students, or shouldn't a sensei give a chance his or her students to develop their ability from within themselves, or can't it be possible to instruct a student on "how to do" , instead of "what to do"?

Some senseis want their uke to hold tightly in katatetori or kokyu ho but some sensei don't do that instead for them light hold is better. some senseis also wants us to mind on our uke while executing/doing a technique but some sensei/shihan discourages us from such style, instead they try to motivate us not to mind on our uke and move as if you don't have an uke but to keep on focusing in your movement (sabaki?).

IMO I think the only wrong technique is, e.g. when a sensei asks us to do ikkyo and I do kotegaeshi. But since I am doing ikkyo regardless of variation where I think is more comfortable and effective on my part, I see no complication with it. I don't think strictness is needed in the dojo neither the founder did that in his time as his teaching method.

Just my thought.

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