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Re: final lock doesn't work

Michael Douglas wrote:
Shaun wrote "Aiki is in itself a grounded state where time equals both zero and infinity. I am not talking about metaphysics, cosmologies or metaphors."

Well, this sounds like metaphysical cosmological and
metaphorical nonesense.
Mr. Douglas,

Well sure it does. It is for that very reason that I stated that I wasn't speaking along those lines. If it had been obvious, I wouldn't have needed to restate my point as being to the contrary. However, regardless of one's take on something, if it is not understood then it should sound like nonsense, even when it is not.

There is a wonderful analogy that I would like to share. In the movie awakenings staring Robert De Nero and Robin Williams there is a moment when he has a grand realization that his catatonic patients aren't standing still because they are not moving, but rather that their brains are firing so fast that it is beyond the body's ability to respond... (my take on what the actual diagnosis was) Instead of a regimen of experimental drugs designed to speed up the mind, he gives them something to slow them down and it works, albeit temporarily. I am sure that had Dr. Malcolm Sayer simply explained his thought process to a medical board, they too might have said something along the lines of "...sounds like nonsense, but then again, they would have been wrong.

The example is analogous to a system state that is moving back and forth at the speed of light It seems as though there is no movement at all. When one studies speed of light formulas one realizes that there is something magical that occurs at the speed of light where matter and time become "interesting" In the paradigm about which I speak, I am referring also to interesting observations.

I believe that we may be limited by our overall view of things. Just to pull random numbers out of a hat, if two people are both on the same path and the first believes that path has 10 segments that equal a particular distance, the second person might agree, or disagree. If the second observes it to be 10 times as long, and both travel only half of the path each observes, the second person will travel ten times the distance as the first. My point here is that if we limit our view we may not travel as far as we might like.

It is easy to point at something and ridicule it. It is also easy to attempt it and not being able to succeed go back to what we know. What is difficult is to believe in something so much and for so long and then find out in the very next moment that we were incorrect. What is even much more difficult is to struggle to walk along the new path and let go of the old. We are constantly making these choices. Many seek the comfort of the recognizable, others the embrace sheer fear of the unknown. With which one of these do you identify Mr. Douglass?


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