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Re: final lock doesn't work

I don't think I said anything about "pain compliance", I also don't believe pain compliance is a viable option in a serious matter. I believe the pins are mechanical yes, but they are not dependent on pain, just functionality. If your arm doesn't work (because it's broken or dislocated) you will not be able to use it, weather it hurts or not.

I believe the principle of Jiu is inherent in the system we practice today as Aikido. While it may have been the founders intention later in his life to dedicate the practice only to the study of Aiki, many of it's original elements still exist, and as it is practiced today, many mistake jiu for Aiki, but yes they are two different a distinct principals.

Long and complicated explanations of Aiki can lose even the most astute student. Aiki is: your chosen relation to another's actions and intentions. It could simply be called Attention and rhythm. This is the basic of what Aiki is, understanding this is the first step in understanding Aiki, beyond that it is best experienced.

When I said "neat stuff" i wasn't talking about cool moves, and sweet techniques. I meant I learned what a fight was, what a martial art is, and what I am doing in regards to both of these.

In my earlier post, I was cutting to the chase, I don't like reading long and self indulgent posts, so I figure others don't either.

-Chris Hein
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