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Lorien Lowe
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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

I teach kids' classes at a non-profit dojo; I've had several islamic kids in my class. their only restriction has been that they do abbreviated bows, and this has only been awkward when I once wanted to correct student on his bowing and he had to explain why he couldn't do it the regular way. They have been, and are, wonderful kids and a joy to have in class; I would hate to think that they couldn't come because of their religion.
However, I am a woman; most of these kids have been boys. I personally don't think that I could teach effectively if I couldn't touch my students, take ukemi from them to feel their techniques, and throw them to show them the feel of a correct technique.
I think 'what is reasonable' boils down to the particular instructors, the particular dojos, and the particular students involved. In my dojo's case, I don't think that a 'can't touch opposite sex' student would be able to effectivly train in aikido.

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