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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
How many people believe the old adage that if you just work yourself to exhaustion, you will begin to "quit using muscle and begin to 'move

Thanks for any commentary.
I used to buy into the idea and I have certainly experienced training while exhausted as helpful. However, this was because I had an inkling of what correct, efficient movement was already and made the deliberate effort to find it when I became exhausted.

An inability to 'cheat' and use brute strength can be useful.

Now, I'm more of the belief that you must first learn enough about how to move correctly to perform at least the basics of correct movement before such a thing might truly be helpful.

What comes out when exhausted AND under pressure is often a reflection of what we have trained into our bodies as reflexive movements, and that is certainly helpful knowledge, but I don't really believe that this is the right tool to get us there.


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