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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Mark Freeman wrote:
The only explanation I can offer to explain the quite spectacular flip that the uke executes a few feet in front of Watanabe, is that the ukes mind was "thrown" and his body had no choice but to follow.
If it were possible to 'throw anyone's mind' from a distance (like in the video of Watanabe sensei) and for that cause the body to follow, thus throwing the person at will, then there would be no reason to train any other technique. That would be the perfect, safest, and only technique necessary ever.
If you can throw people at will without touching, from a safe distance, then nobody would be able to even get close to you, and if they, for any circumstancial reason, could reach you, then you could use this same power and throw him without any technique. JUST THIS POWER.
Sorry mike, but,yes, I would say that what Watanabe sensei is doing seems to be a lot of crap.
But any one wants to believe, it's their choice.

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