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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

I apologise for going back to this ;

Ted Ehara wrote "At the old taigi take a look at Taigi 12 Katatedori Ry temochi. The first technique is no touch because the uke is avoiding an atemi. The second technique is also no touch when the uke is wrapped up into an unstable postion."

I'm sorry for going back so many posts but I just HAD to give
my response to Taigi 12.
Some idiot running almost towards a fella who holds his arm
up and the first idiot flops himself to the ground for fun.
Most of the rest of that video is the same awful rubbish.
I cannot comprehend who anybody here can think that is even
related to good martail arts !
What is it with this hooked-fish-flopping behaviour of Uke ?
Amazing and seriously EMBARRASING if any of these guys
train in the same art as yourself.
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