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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

[quote=Mike Sigman]How many people believe the old adage that if you just work yourself to exhaustion, you will begin to "quit using muscle and begin to 'move correctly'"?[quote=Mike Sigman]

you surely will get tired, not necessarilly will move correctly.
About the use of muscles, as in 'we don't use muscles in AIKIDO', is incorrect. Just to stand straight we need to use our muscles, so to move and perform techniques we need to use our muscles. But the minimum amount of 'muscle force/effort' NECESSARY to perform the desired movement.
Once you get tired, really exhausted, usually you won't be able to 'think' what you're going to do, you just react by reflex. Becase your mind can't focus on an specific response, you're movements become more reflexive, and respond more to muscle memory than to the thought. This doesn't mean that you will move correctly, because if the movements you learned are wrong, your reflexive response will be wront too.
Now, an advance Aikidoka doesn't need to get exhausted to achieve this degree of reflexive/correct response. After proper training/time this intiutive/refelxive response should be possible at any moment, even when one is fresh and rested.

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