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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Christopher Li wrote:
That's an unfair comparison, he's not asking any other men to stop training with women. It's entirely reasonable to walk into a bar, enjoy the hot wings and just have a club soda.

As I said before, accomodations for special circumstances are already commonly made in dojos. That being the case, the questions really ought to be whether a reasonable explanation can be given for a request for an accomodation (any accomodation), and whether that accomodation can be resonably made.


I understand your point that the comparison isn't ideal, but even though he isn't asking other men to stop training with women it will happen.

Men that would train with women during a paritcular exercise will have to train with him instead. Women that may be training with him, or another man that is his partner, now may be relegated to training with another woman.

Is it a huge accomodation to be made? As was stated before by many people that depends on the size of the classes and the male/female ratio in those classes.

It seems that the jury is deadlocked on this one.

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