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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Seen it before.

I was at a seminar in NY a few years back, and I found myself in a group of women all of a sudden. I got to the front of the line and went to attack the woman I was facing, and she denied me. She said the same exact thing; she cannot touch anyone other than her husband. I was informed that she was a Muslim, and that is a part of their rules.

I mean, thank God that we can practice our religions freely in America, but I did have a few comments (which I did not share with her of course)

1)This is a martial art, and she is missing out on vital self-defense training using bigger, taller, male uke - not to mention the personal gains from true shugyo.

2)Does anyone think that a criminal will stop attacking a woman because her religion forbids physical contact with anyone other than her husband?? And in this scenario, what is she suppose to do??

3)This woman also wore a frilly little skirt over her dogi, which I believe is disrespectful to the art. Aikido can be considered a religion of its own (where else can you combine the physical, mental and spiritual?) so doesn't it deserve the same respect that we show the big 3??

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